About us

PHOTON-L is an international manufacturer of LED lighting products, specialized basically on LED Street Lighting, Flood Lights and Indoor Lighting solutions

Founded by a group of highly qualified engineers and private investors with a vision for a greener future through lower energy consumption, Photon-L offers high-quality LED products using the latest, most advanced technologies.

photon-l team photon-l manufacturing

The main advantages of Photon-L LED lamps are:

  • Long lifetime (over 100.000 hours, which is confirmed by certificates);
  • Harmless for health (no mercury or eyesight damaging flickering; the lamps’ positive effect on health has been confirmed by clinical tests);
  • Reduced costs – “Photon-L” LED lamps help to save over 80% of the money, spent on electricity, which is confirmed by estimations and the results of expert assessments of the pilot projects;
  • The latest highly-effective LED technologies;
  • Usage of the latest LED chips from the world’s leading manufacturer CREE, which makes it possible to achieve high illumination rates, while the power consumption rates remain low;
  • Compatible with traditional light sources and easy to install;
  • The manufacturing time is 35 days.


photon-l manufacturing photon-l manufacturing

Our company provides a 5-year warranty for LED street lamps and flood lights and a 3-year warranty for tube lamps.

Our products can be used in various spheres: street lighting, parking lots, warehouses, shopping areas, ports, filling stations, health care and education facilities, office buildings, manufacturing and sports facilities, underground parking lots and car showrooms. At the same time, “Photon-L” offers assessment of the existing lighting systems, helping to choose the best lighting option and developing the design to meet the requirements or each particular project.

Here's a short at look at our manufacturing, production process and awesome staff: